Seven Tips to Generate More Blog Traffic

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The world of blogging is becoming increasingly populated: there are now over 100 million blogs in cyberspace. Readers have lots of options to choose from, and it’s easy for your blog to get lost in the crowd. So how do you attract visitors to your blog instead of someone else’s? Try these seven tips for generating more traffic.

1. Write! Write! Write!

If you’re looking for loyal readers, you must be a loyal writer. No one returns to a great blog if it’s never updated. What you publish on your blog will keep readers coming back for more, and search engines are more likely to notice your blog if you post frequently. But remember: don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Yes, you should write often, but be sure to write well! People would rather read writing that’s error-free than writng that’s litered with msitakes. To keep your reader interested and your reputation strong, take the extra time to ensure your posts are well-organized with perfect grammar and spelling.

2. Use Commenting to your Advantage

Generate a conversation with readers by allowing them to comment on your posts. When you begin to receive comments, reply to them. Doing so shows readers that you value their feedback, and that’s likely to inspire loyalty. In addition, start leaving comments on blogs that are similar to yours and include your blog’s link in the comment. If the blog’s owner reads your comment, he and his readers may visit your site as well.

3. Link back frequently

Links can go a long way to increasing your blog’s profile, so add links to other blogs on yours. This will not only help your posts get noticed by search engines, but also grab the attention of other bloggers who are likely to check out your site. They may become frequent readers themselves, or they might return the favor by adding a link to your blog on theirs.

4. Tag Your Posts

Like linking, tagging your posts can drive traffic to your blog. Search engines notice tags easily, so potential readers could stumble across your blog while performing a search. Tagging your post about ballet with “dance,” for instance, could lead someone searching for “dance blogs” directly to you.

5. Include Images

Images can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your site. People would rather visit a blog with images that supplement posts than one with black text on a white background. That’s especially true when you write about something people aren’t familiar with. Even if they have no knowledge of the topic, readers will be more interested in your post if images illustrate your points. Suppose, for example, you write a post about a religious festival in Cambodia. Your readers may be unfamiliar with Cambodian culture, so a relevant picture will help them visualize what you’re discussing. Beyond that, images themselves can increase blog traffic by appearing in search engine results. Tagging your images properly is a simple, easy way to attract new visitors and convert them into readers.

6. Consider guest posting

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can increase traffic to your blog by publishing elsewhere. By writing a guest post for another blog or having another blogger write one for yours, you broaden your profile and expose your work to new audiences. If your post is good, another blog’s readers might start following you, too.

7. Be Yourself

Like all clichés, this one contains an essential truth: being yourself is far better than trying to imitate someone else. The quality of your posts will be better if you write about something you are passionate about. Don’t write about something you think will attract more people to your blog. If you write about music, for instance, don’t write about a mainstream band you know little about. Instead, write about what you love – whether it’s country, hip-hop, or classical. Your writing will convey your excitement, and that will keep readers interested. So stay true to your passions and interests.

Angie Picardo is a staff writer for NerdWallet. Her mission is to help consumers stay financially savvy and save money with the best online savings account.

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